Vision: As a fellow entrepreneur, Delisha recognizes that an effective legal strategy is one of many components necessary for business success. She makes every effort to keep each client’s “big picture” in mind and is willing to put her business acumen and Fortune 100 work experience to good use. She is known to exchange ideas with clients regarding an array of topics, including marketing, sales, and brand development.

Passion: Delisha is passionate about empowering clients and advancing their business goals. That passion motivates how she runs her practice each and every day. She consistently monitors trends in relevant industries and is always working to improve efficiency and client service.

Commitment: The journey to becoming an established company with sustainable growth can be long and arduous. While most entrepreneurs understand the importance of seeking sound legal advice every step of the way, cost is a major concern. Delisha remains committed to fostering a long-term relationship with clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. In addition to traditional billing arrangements, she offers flat-rate, subscription-based services to businesses who prefer to have continued access to their own outside general counsel without incurring additional fees.

The Law Office of Delisha J. Grant, P.C. is a corporate and entertainment law firm specializing in the representation of small and mid-sized businesses in such fields as digital media, music, film, television and technology. Whether you are an established organization or a creative entrepreneur with simply an idea, Delisha offers a myriad of legal services designed to guide clients through every stage of business development.

Delisha acts as outside general counsel to both start-ups and established companies at every stage of growth. While the services she provides are tailored to each clients needs, she handles a full range of legal matters, such as:

  • Company Formation & Corporate Governance
  • Angel, Venture, Private Equity & Private Placement Offerings
  • Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation
  • Intellectual Property Registration & Licensing
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Drafting
  • Business Succession Planning